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Our company values

Integrity Through Transparency

We pledge honest, evidence-based guidance and open methodologies, underpinning assessments with ethical environmental standards.

Actionable Intelligence

We transform complex emissions data into digestible, strategic net zero insights tailored to each organisation.

Supportive Partnerships

Adopting a collaborative, customer-centric approach, we provide trusted guidance facilitating climate progress.

Pragmatic Optimism

Balancing practicality with ambition, we outline adaptable decarbonisation pathways to activate attainable sustainability.

Accessible Sustainability

Demystifying intricacies, our simplified tools motivate measurable contributions from every level required for collective climate response.

Shared Accountability

Promoting broad participation through simplification, we pursue verified, internationally aligned outcomes driving systemic transition. 

4tomorrow process and methodology

Adhering to authoritative GHG Protocol methodology as well as TCFD, GRI and SBTi guidance allows consistent benchmarking and navigation of fast-evolving climate risk disclosure requirements on the journey towards ambitious, credible corporate decarbonisation.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol header

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) is the global gold standard for measuring and reporting on carbon emissions. Developed by top international institutions, it offers comprehensive guidelines adopted across climate disclosure frameworks. Following GHGP methodology on boundary setting, emissions categorisation, calculations, current emissions factors and reporting periods, 4Tomorrow provides consistent, credible carbon accounting aligned with leading standards. This allows for aggregation, benchmarking and actionable insights on your carbon footprint over time. Adherence to GHGP guarantees that the methodology driving 4Tomorrow’s carbon management platform reflects rigorous, widely accepted emissions measurement protocols.

GRI standard and TCFD logos

4tomorrow equips companies with emissions insights and disclosures aligned to major global climate reporting frameworks – the Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Both call for credible GHG emissions measurement using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, internationally recognised as the corporate carbon accounting gold standard.

We empower comprehensive, stakeholder-relevant sustainability reporting by basing our carbon platform on this consistent methodology.

Our quantification protocols deliver auditable, decision-grade emissions data to set science-based targets, model reduction scenarios, and monitor decarbonisation progress against strategic goals.

Standardisation with GHG Protocol, TCFD and GRI guidelines is key as regulatory pressures ramp up across jurisdictions.

We enable robust tracking today, and capacity building for more stringent climate risk disclosure mandates.

Science Based Targets logo square

4tomorrow aids companies in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their greenhouse gas emissions, providing tools and guidance to align their emissions reduction strategies and disclosures with the rigorous requirements of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Through specialised insights, 4tomorrow enables businesses to set ambitious, science-based emissions reduction targets that are in line with the latest climate science, ensuring their efforts contribute effectively to limiting global warming in accordance with the Paris Agreement goals

The SBTi calls for targets grounded in climate science, with progress tracking based on the globally accepted GHG Protocol methodology we apply.

By quantifying emissions following consistent protocols, we empower comprehensive, stakeholder-relevant disclosure.

Our processes deliver auditable emissions data to set science-based targets benchmarked to SBTi criteria, model reduction scenarios, and monitor performance against strategic goals over time.

Aligned with GHG Protocol, TCFD, GRI and SBTi guidance, our platform builds capacity to meet intensifying regulatory and investor demands for credible climate risk planning as the basis for robust reduction strategies with scientific rigor.


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